WINCHESTER — A National Vietnam War Veterans Day commemoration will be held at noon March 29 at Winchester National Cemetery at 401 National Ave.

The annual event honors the men and women who served in the United Stated armed forces from Nov. 1, 1955, to May 15, 1975. All who served during this time are considered Vietnam veterans regardless of where they were stationed.

Of the approximately 9 million Vietnam veterans, 2.7 million were stationed in Vietnam, including 7,484 women, according to a news release from Winchester National Cemetery. The war was costly — 58,220 service members were killed, 304,000 were wounded, 75,000 were severely disabled and 23,214 were 100-percent disabled. There were 766 prisoners of war, 114 of whom died in captivity; 1,597 are still unaccounted for or missing in action.

“Unlike the veterans of previous wars who were welcomed home with great fanfare, Vietnam veterans received no formal welcome or recognition of their service,” the release states. “Because of the bitter controversy surrounding the war, soldiers were often shamed, disgraced, and harassed by anti-war protestors and others. Decades later, Vietnam veterans have finally gained the admiration, respect, and support of millions of Americans who treat the veterans with the dignity they earned and deserve. No longer rejected, the veterans are embraced and thanked for their bravery and sacrifice.”